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Flavoured Cupcake Selection

Limited stock available - get them quick!

Cornetto Vanilla Chocolate Cone

Brand new!

Cheetos Crunchy 2oz

Infamous product now in stock!


The American Twinkies - back from the dead!

Angry Birds Gummies

Delicious Angry Bird gummies - 4 to collect

Fanta Strawberry - 355ml Can

Fanta Strawberry - now in stock!

Coca Cola Vanilla - 355ml Can

Imported directly from the US

Total Munch

Total Munch will be CLOSED until further notice, we expect this downtime to be around 3-4 months. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for up-to-date information. We have big plans for expansion and will be back with a bang. See you soon!

Featured Products

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